Explore Optimistically

Write about what excites you.  Explore as many avenues as you can within your interests, skills and experience.  Often, our first (second, third and fourth) attempt at writing fails.  The trick is to find what sells while lending your unique skills and interest to the book.
Someone passionate about sales and marketing may find their books on general sales tactics fail.  Those who don’t give up and explore other niche markets will find success.  The person interested in sales and marketing may find their books on sales strategies for small business owners take off.
Martin Seligman in his book “Learned Optimism” says, “Success requires persistence, the ability to not give up in the face of failure.  I believe that optimistic explanatory style is the key to persistence.”
Success in writing takes exploration with both your interests and skills to find what works and what doesn’t.  Love writing horror books, but your witch books aren’t selling?  It could be as simple as exploring other categories, like zombie books.
Optimistic exploration is the key to successful writing.